Shortest stuntman
Kiran Shah
Reino Unido (London)
Kiran Shah (UK) (b. 28 September 1956) is the shortest professional stuntman currently working in films, standing 1 m 26.3 cm (4ft 1.7 in) when measured on 20 October 2003. Having appeared in 52 movies since 1976, he has performed stunts in 31 of them, including being perspective stunt-double for Christopher Reeve (USA) in Superman (UK 1978) and Superman II (UK 1980) and more recently Elijah Wood (USA) in The Lord of the Rings (NZ/USA 2001 - 2003) trilogy.
A member of the British Equity Stunt Register, his career began when stunt arranger Bob Anderson (UK) asked him to stand in for a nine year old for the film Candleshoe (UK/USA 1977) starring David Niven (UK). Kiran was later taught by stuntman and Guinness World Record holder Vic Armstong (UK), to do high falls from a height of 9.14 m (30 ft) for his second film The People That Time Forgot (UK 1977).