Largest cake sculpture
National Association Cake Designers Italy
16.46 x 13.94 x 0.54 metre(s)
Itália (Terracina)

The National Association Cake Designers Italy has proposed to break the record for Europe to raise awareness in professionals not riconsciuta recognition of a state as such, cake decorators are artists who work the sugar and is a profession made of 97% women , because of this we want to show the world that such a profession employs women and deserves more attention. We also want to show the world the culture of our country. The record we want to break is the largest cake sculpture measured 11.70 (38 ft 4 in ) long and 9.20 m (30 ft 2 in ) wide and was built by King Abdulaziz International Airport in association with Saadeddin pastry (both Saudi Arabia) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia , September 23, 2013 .

The cake was in the shape of Saudi Arabia map Saudi Arabia to celebrate the national day . The cake of 2.8 tons took 4 days to be completed by 35 individuals . On October 20 at the Expo 2015 with all countries of the world present we want to achieve the record. We will make a giant cake in the shape of Italy, with all regions deffinite and a sculpture that represents the same region to region and saw that the theme of the expo is the area agroalimentario resume with the theme of the sculptures on the theme for each region. The cake is a sponge cake filled with ganache covered with sugar paste and decorated with small sculptures in fondant that rappresnete people , monuments , agriculture, etc. , a whole country represented in a pie.